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  • Avante Lash Serum

    4 ml (5 month supply) Avante Lash Serum is a conditioning lash serum with proprietary active ingredients to promote longer and thicker looking lashes. It maximizes hydration, helps to reduce breakage and improves the overall texture of your lashes.

  • Avante Brow Serum

    Avante Brow Serum is a conditioning serum for the brows. Using proprietary active and nutritional ingredients, it restores thinning brows for a fuller look.

  • Avante Mascara

    Avante Mascara is a cosmetically formulated, smudgeproof mascara to lengthen, strengthen and give you the best lashes ever.

  • Avante Hair Serum

    Avante Hair has nutraceutical ingredients to provide nourishing peptides and vitamins combined with known effective DHT blockers. It's restoration serum is applied topically with an ultra fine delivery mechanism for optimal results.

  • Avante Pedi Peel

    A natural foot mask containing AHA and BHA acids to exfoilate calluses and rejuvenate the feet. Nothing happens for five days, then peel begins, as shown below, leaving soft, smooth skin.